South America


in collection: YESNO

Argentina Republic of ARGENTINA – yes

Bolivia Plurinational State of BOLIVIA – no

brasil Federal Republic of BRASIL – yes

  • Brasil-Acre State of Acre – no
  • Brasil-Alagoas State of Alagoas – no
  • Brasil-Amapa State of Amapa – no
  • Brasil-Amazonas State of Amazonas – no
  • Brasil-Bahia State of Bahia – no
  • Brasil-Ceara State of Ceara – no
  • Brasil-Espírito Santo State of Espiranto Santo – yes
  • Brasil-Goais State of Goais – no
  • Brasil-Maranhao State of Maranha – no
  • Brasil-Mato Grosso del Sul State of Mato Grosso de Sul – no
  • Brasil-Mato Grosso State of Mato Grosso – no
  • brasil-minas-gerais State of Minas Gerais – yes
  • Brasil-Para State of Para – no
  • Brasil-Paraiba State of Paraiba – no
  • Brasil-Parana State of Parana – yes
  • Brasil-Pernambuco State of Pernambuco – yes
  • Brasil-Piaui State of Piaui – no
  • Brasil-Rio de Janeiro State of Rio de Janeiro – yes
  • Brasil-Rio Grande do Norte (2) State of Rio Grande dod Norte – no
  • brasil-rio-grande-do-sul State of Rio Grande do Sul – yes
  • Brasil-Rondonia State of Rondonia – no
  • Brasil-Roraima State of Roraima – no
  • Brasil-Santa Catarina State of Santa Catarina – yes
  • brasil-sao-paulo State of Sao Paolo – yes
  • Brasil-Sergipe State of Sergipe – no
  • Brasil-Tocantins State of Tocantis – no

Chile Republic of CHILE – yes

Columbia Republic of COLUMBIA – no

Ecuador Republic of ECUADOR – yes

Falkland 1999- Overseas Territory of FALKLAND Islands – yes

French Guiana Overseas Region of FRENCH GUIANA – yes

Guyana Co-operative Republic of GUYANA – yes

Paraguay Republic of PARAGUAY – yes

Peru-grb Republic of PERU – yes

South Georgia & SSI Overseas Territory of SOUTH GEORGIA & SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS – no

Surinam Republic of SURINAM – yes

Uruguay Eastern Republic of URUGUAY – yes

Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of VENEZUELA – yes


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