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On postcard: Lapland

Country:  finland1 Republic of Finland

Number: 1608-FI-037

Postmark: ??I – 14.07.2011.

Postcrossing: X

Thanks to: spain Albert



On postcard: VIR Island

Country: Croatia Republic of Croatia

Number: 1607-HR-365

Postmark: 57234 VIR / 16.06.1981.

Thanks to: X



On postcard: PORTOROŽ – Lucija

Country: Slovenia Republic of Slovenia

Number: 1606-SI-052

Postmark: KOPER / 01.06.1975.

Postcrossing: X

Thanks to:  X



On postcard: COIMBRA

Country:  Portugal Republic of Portugal

Number: 1604-PT-009

Postmark: 2700 COIMBRA / 10.04.2014.

Postcrossing: Portugal PT-350366

Thanks to:  X