in collection – YES NO

Afghanistan Islamic State of AFGHANISTAN – yes

Bahrein Kingdom of BAHRAIN – yes

Bangladesh People’s Republic of  BANGLADESH – yes

Bhutan Kingdom of BHUTAN – yes

British Indian Ocean territory Overseas Territory of BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY – no

Brunei Sultanate of BRUNEI – yes

Cambodia Kingdom of CAMBODIA – yes

China People’s Republic of  CHINA – yes

  • Tibet Autonomous Region of Tibet – yes

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of  HONG KONG – yes

India Republic of  INDIA – yes

  • Sikkim State of Sikkim – no
  • India-Andaman Andaman & Nicobar Islands – no

Indonesia Republic of  INDONESIA – yes

Irak Republic of  IRAQ – yes

  • Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Kurdistan – no

Iran Islamic Republic of  IRAN – yes

Israel State of ISRAEL – yes

Japan Empire of JAPAN – yes

Jordan Kingdom of JORDAN – yes

Kazakhstan Republic of  KAZAKHSTAN – yes

Korea Republic of  KOREA – yes

Korea PDR People’s Democratic Republic of  KOREA – no

Kyrgizystan Republic of  KYRGYZSTAN – yes

Kuwait State of  KUWAIT – yes

Laos People’s Democratic Republic of  LAOS – yes

Lebanon Republic of  LEBANON – yes

Makao Special Administrative Region of MACAU – yes

Maldives Republic of  MALDIVES – yes

Malaysia Kingdom of MALAYSIA – yes

  • Malaysia-Johor Sultanate of Johor – no
  • Malaysia-Kedah Sultanate of Kedah – no
  • Malaysia-Kelantan Sultanate of Kelantan – no
  • Malaysia-Labuan Federal Territory of Labuan – no
  • Malaysia-Melacca State of Malacca – no
  • Malaysia-NegeriSembilan State of Negeri Sembilan – no
  • Malaysia-Pahang Sultanate of Pahang – yes
  • Malaysia-Perak Sultanate of Perak – yes
  • Malaysia-Perlis State of Perlis – no
  • Malaysia-Penang State of Penang – yes
  • Malaysia-Sabah State of Sabah – yes
  • Malaysia-Sarawak State of Sarawak – yes
  • Malaysia-Selangor Sultanate of Selangor – no
  • Malaysia-Trengganu Sultanate of Trengganu – no

Mongolia Republic of  MONGOLIA – yes

Myanmar Republic of  the Union of MYANMAR – yes

  • Myanmar-Chin State of Chin – no
  • Myanmar-Kachin State of Kachin – no
  • Myanmar-Kayah State of Kayah – no
  • Myanmar-Kayin State of Kayin – no
  • Myanmar-Mon State of Mon – yes
  • Myanmar-Rakhine State of Rakhine – no
  • Myanmar-Shan State of Shan –  yes

Nepal Federal Democratic Republic of NEPAL – yes

Oman Sultanate of OMAN – yes

Pakistan Islamic Republic of  PAKISTAN – yes

Palestina State of PALESTINE – yes

Philippines Republic of  PHILIPPINES – yes

  • Philippines-Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao  –

Qatar Sate of QATAR – yes

Saudijska Arabija Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA – yes

Singapore Republic of  SINGAPORE – yes

Syria Arab Republic of  SYRIA – yes

Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of SRI LANKA – yes

tajikistan Republic of  TAJIKISTAN – yes

Timor Leste Democratic Republic of  TIMOR LESTE – yes

Thaiand Kingdom of THAILAND – yes

Taiwan Republic of TAIWAN – yes (Republic of China -is recognised by 22 states )

Turkmenistan Republic of TURKMENISTAN – no


  • UAE-Abu Dhabi Emirate of Abu Dhabi – no
  • UAE-Ajman Emirate of Ajman – no
  • UAE-Ajman Emirate of Dubai – yes
  • UAE Emirate of Fujairah – no
  • UAE-Sharjah Emirate of Ras-al-Khaimah – no
  • UAE-Sharjah Emirate of Sharjah – no
  • UAE-UMM AL QIAIWAN Emirate of Umm Al-Qiwain – no

Uzbekistan Republic of UZBEKISTAN – yes

  • Uzbekistan-Karakalpakstan Republic of Karakalpakstan – no

Vietnam Socialist Republic of VIETNAM – yes

Yemen Republic of YEMEN – yes

  • Yemen Socotra Island – yes


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