in collection YESNO

Anguilla Overseas Territory of ANGUILLA – no

Antigua & Barbuda Monarchy of ANTIGUA – yes

  • Antigua & Barbuda Autonomous Island of Barbuda – no

Aruba Country of ARUBA – yes

Bahamas Monarchy Commonwealth of BAHAMAS – yes

Barbados Monarchy of BARBADOS – yes

 Special Municipality of BONAIRE – yes

British Virgin Isl. Overseas Territory of BRITISH VIRGIN Islands – yes

Cayman Islands Overseas Territory of CAYMAN Islands – yes

Cuba Socialist Republic of CUBA – yes

curacao Country of CURACAO – yes

Dominica Monarchy Commonwealth of DOMINICA – yes

Dominikiana Republic of DOMINICANA – yes

Grenada Monarchy of GRENADA – yes

Guadalupe Region of GUADELOUPE – yes

Haiti Republic of HAITI – yes

Jamaica Monarchy of JAMAICA – yes

Martinique Region of MARTINIQUE – yes

Montserrat Overseas Territory of MONTSERRAT – no

Portoriko Commonwealth of PUERTO RICO – yes

Saba Special Municipality of SABA – yes

Saint Barthelemy Collectivity of SAINT BARTHELEMY – yes

Saint Eustatius Special Municipality of SAINT EUSTATIUS – no

Sainti Kitts & Nevis Monarchy Federation of SAINT KITTS & NEVIS – yes

Saint Martin fra. Collectivity of SAINT MARTIN – yes

Saint Lucia Monarchy of SAINT LUCIA – yes

Saint Vincent & Grenadini Monarchy of SAINT VINCENT & GRENADINES – yes

Saint Marteen Country of SINT MAARTEN – no

Trinidad i Tobago Republic of TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – yes

Turks i Caicos Overseas Territory of TURKS & CAICOS – yes

Virgin Islands Territory of VIRGIN Islands – yes


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