Oceania – Antarctica

In collection YESNO

American Samoa Territory of AMERICAN SAMOA – yes

Australija Monarchy Commonwealth of AUSTRALIA – yes

  • Australia-New South Wales State of New South Wales – yes
  • Australia-NorthTerritory Northern Territory – yes
  • Australia-WestAustralia State of Western Australia – yes
  • Australia- South State of South Australia – no
  • Australia-Victoria State of Victoria – yes
  • Australia-Tasmania State of Tasmania – yes
  • Australia-Queensland State of Queensland – yes
  • LORD HOWE ISLAND Lord Howe island – no
  • Australia-Torres Strait Isl. Torres Strait Islands – no



  • Chile-Easter Island Special Territory of Rapa Nui Island – no

Christmas Island Territory of CHRISTMAS Island – yes

Cocos Islands Territory of COCOS Islands – no

Cook Islands Associated State of COOK Islands – yes

  • Cook Islands Aitutaki – no
  • Cook Islands Penhryn – no
  • Cook Islands Rarotonga – yes


  • Ecuador-Galapagos Gapapagos Islands – no

Fiji Republic of FIJI – yes

French Polynesia Collectivity of FRENCH POLYNESIA – yes

  • TAHITI Tahiti – yes
  • FPO-Marquesas_Islands.svg Marques islands – no
  • FPO-Gambier_Islands.svg Gambier Islands – no
  • FPO-Tuamotu_Islands.svg Tuamotu Islands – no


Guam Territory of GUAM – yes

Kiribati Republic of KIRIBATI – yes

Micronesia Federal State of MICRONESIA – no

  • Micronesia-Yap State of Yap – no
  • Micronesia-Pohnpei State of Pohnpei – no
  • Micronesia-Chuuk State of Chuuk – no
  • Micronesia-Kosrae Stat of Kosrae – no

Marshall Islands Democratic Republic of MARSHALL Islands – yes

Nauru Republic of NAURU – no

New Caledonia Special Collectivity of NEW CALEDONIA – yes

Nev zealand Monarchy of NEW ZEALAND – yes

  • Chatham Islands NZ Chatham Island – no

Niue Associated State of NIUE – no

Norfolk Territory of NORFOLK Island – yes

Northern mariana Islands Commonwealth of NORTHERN MARIANA Islands – yes

Palau Republic of PALAU – no

Papua New Guinea Monarchy of PAPUA NEW GUINEA – no

  • Papua-Bougainville Autonomous Region of Bouagainville – no

Pitcairn Overseas Territory of PITCAIRN Islands – yes

Ross Dependency ROSS DEPENDENCY – yes

Samoa State of SAMOA – no

Solomon Monarchy of SOLOMON Islands – no

Tokelau Territory of TOKELAU – no

Tonga Kingdom of TONGA – yes

  • Tonga-Niuafo'ou Niuafo’ou Island – no

Tuvalu Monarchy of TUVALU – yes


  • USA-Hawaii State of Hawaii – yes
  • Johnston atoll - USA Jonhson atoll – no
  • PALMYIRA ATOL Palmyra atoll – no
  • Midway Midway – no

Vanuatu Republic of VANUATU – yes

Walis i Futuna Territory  of WALLIS & FUTUNA Islands – no


World map postcards-Oceania


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