Archive | October 2015


On postcard: BLED

Country: Slovenia Republic of Slovenia

Number: 1667-SI-057

Postmark: 3101 CELJE / 10.08.2015.

Postcrossing: X

Thanks to: Slovenia Martin



On postcard: ZAGREB

Country: Croatia Republic of Croatia

Number: 1665-HR-392

Postmark: 10200 ZAGREB / 20.05.2015.

Thanks to: spain Albert



On postcard: OKAYAMA / Korakuen

Country:  Japan Empire of Japan

Number: 1664-JP-007

Postmark: CHIBA / 08.05.2011

Postcrossing: Japan JP-161540

Thanks to: X



On postcard: NEW YORK / Manhattan Lightscape

Country: United States United States of America / US-New York State of New York

Number: 1663-US-088

Postmark: TALLAHASSEE, FL / 05.01.2009.

Postcrossing:United States US-317671

Thanks to:  X