#411-BT-001/ Dochu La

  • On postcard: DONCU LA /
    Dochu La (3050m) from where one can have a spectacular view of the Himalayas to the north when the sky is clear. The pass is marked by 108 chortens (Stupa) which are Buddhist reliquaries, memorials to the teachings of the Buddha.
  • Country: Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Number: 411  / BHU – 1
  • Postmark: x
  • Postcrossing: X
  • Thanks to: Bhutan Karma – for my first postcard from Bhutan 🙂


#410-HR-065/ Vis



Vis island, Republic of Croatia



Vis is the most westerly larger Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, and is part of the Central Dalmatian group of islands, with an area of 90.26 km² and a population of 3,617 (as of 2001). Of all the inhabited Croatian islands, it is the farthest from the coast. The highest peak of Vis is called Hum, 587 m high.

There are two towns and municipalities on the island, Vis (1,960  inhabitants in the municipality) and Komiža (1,677 , both located on the seacoast. There are smaller settlements on the island’s interior: Podselje, Marinje zemlje, Podšpilje, and Podstražje.


  • On postcard: SAVOGNIN
  • Country: Switzerland Confederation of Switzerland / Switzerland-Graubünden.png Canton of Graubünden
  • Number: 408 // SUI- 5
  • Postmark: x


SAVOGNIN is a municipality in the district of Albula in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. The stately town, the main community of Oberhalbstein (or Surses) valley, is a foreign tourist destination in both summer and winter. The official language is the Romansh dialect Surmira