in collection = YESNO

Algeria People’s Democratic Republic of ALGERIA – yes

Angola Republic of ANGOLA – no

  • Angola - Cabinda Province of Cabinda – no

Ascension- Overseas Territory of ASCENSION – no

Benin Republic of BENIN – no

Botswana Republic of BOTSWANA – no

burkina-faso BURKINA FASO – yes

Burundi Republic of BURUNDI – no

Cameroon  Republic of CAMEROON – yes

Capo Verde Republic of CABO VERDE – yes

Central Afica Republic of CENTRAL AFRICA – no

Chad Republic of CHAD – no

Comoros Union of the COMOROS – no

  • Comoros - Grande Autonomous Island of  Grand Comoro – no

  • Comoros - Anjouan Autonomous Island of Anjouan – no

  • Comoros - Moheli Autonomous Island of Moheli – no

Congo Republic of CONGO – no

Congo DR Democratic Republic of CONGO  – no

Djibouti Republic of DJIBOUTI – no

Egypt Arab Republic of EGYPT – yes

Ecuatorial Guinea Republic of EQUATORIAL GUINEA – no

  • Ecuatorial Guinea - Bioko island Bioko Island – no

Eritrea State of ERITREA – yes

Swaziland Kingdom of ESWATINI – yes

Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of ETHIOPIA – yes

Gabon Republic of GABON – no

Gambia Republic of GAMBIA – no

Ghana Republic of GHANA – yes

Guinea Republic of GUINEA – yes

Guinea Bissau Republic of GUINEA BISSAU – no

Ivory Coast Republic of IVORY COAST – yes

Kenya Republic of KENYA – yes

lesotho Kingdom of LESOTHO – yes

Liberia Republic of LIBERIA – no

Libya State of LIBYA – yes

Madagascar Republic of MADAGASCAR – yes

Malawi Republic of MALAWI – yes

Mali Republic of MALI – yes

 Islamic Republic of MAURITANIA – no

Mauritius Republic of MAURITIUS – yes

  • Mauritius - Rodrigues isl Autonomous Island of Rodrigues  – no

Mayotte Department of MAYOTTE – yes

Morocco Kingdom of MOROCCO – yes

  • Tanger Tangier International zone (1923-1956) – yes

Mozambique Republic of MOZAMBIQUE – no

namibia Republic of NAMIBIA – yes

Niger Republic of NIGER – no

Nigeria Federal Republic of NIGERIA – no


  • Madeira Autonomous Region of Madeira – yes

Reunion Region of REUNION – yes

 Republic of RUANDA – yes

saint helena Overseas Territory of SAINT HELENA – yes

Sao Tome & Principe Democratic Republic of SAO TOME & PRINCIPE – yes

Senegal Republic of SENEGAL – yes

Seychelles Republic of SEYCHELLES – no

Sierra Leone Republic of SIERRA LEONE – yes

Somalia Federal Republic of SOMALIA – no

Somaliland Republic of  SOMALILAND – no ( unrecognised country)

South Africa Republic of  SOUTH AFRICA – yes

 Republic of  SOUTH SUDAN – no

spain SPAIN

  • Canary Islands Autonomous Community of Canary Islands – yes

  • Ceuta Autonomous City of Ceuta – yes

  • Melilla Autonomous City of Melilla – yes

Sudan Republic of  SUDAN – yes

Tanzania United Republic of  TANZANIA – yes

  • Zanzibar Semi-autonomous Region of Zanzibar – yes

Togo Republic of  TOGO – no

Tristan da Cunha Overseas Territory of TRISTAN DA CUNHA – no

Tunisia Republic of  TUNISIA – yes

Uganda Republic of  UGANDA – yes

Zapadna Sahara Arab Democratic Republic of  WESTERN SAHARA – no

Zambia Republic of  ZAMBIA – yes

Zimbabwe Republic of  ZIMBABWE – yes


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